Urban Growth’s Planning Principles for the Bays Precinct

Click on the link below to view the statement from Urban Growth on the outcomes of its Summit and the 20 Planning Principles that it proposes for developing the Bays Precinct.


The publishing of these principles provides the community with a picture of intent and at last, gives the community a template against which we can evaluate plans, projects and overall strategies, as they emerge. But these principles raise more questions than they provide answers. For example:

  • Why are these principles to be applied only to the Bays Precinct? Why should they not apply equally to Barangaroo, Darling Harbour or any other harbourside development projects?
  • Who will monitor whether Urban Growth and the State Government actually abide by these principles and what sanctions can be applied for non-observance of the principles? CLEARLY AN EMERGING AND ONGOING TASK FOR BAYS PRECINCT COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONS.
  • Finally, what will be the effect of excluding several of the principles proposed by the Bays Precinct Community and from the University of Sydney’s Festival of Urbanism?

We will be undertaking and publishing on this site a detailed analysis of the gaps that exist between the Urban Growth planning principles and those developed by the Bays Precinct community.


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