Bays area Community Coalition (BaCC) – who we are

The BaCC is a not-for profit group of concerned residents and community members who are now advocating for an active, engaged community consultation process with the Government.  The objective being to provide residents and communities within the Bays Precinct an opportunity to take part in the discussions and design of the Project, based on a full understanding of what is being considered.

The Bays Precinct sits within a fast growing, high-density residential area already lacking in much-needed public amenity. These include public space, playing fields, recreational areas, child care centres, schools, light rail, walk and cycle ways, foreshore access, etc

The BaCC has come up with 8 principles as a starting point for ongoing community discussions and community feedback and ideas to Urban Growth and the state government.

These are:

  1. Public ownership of and access to the waterways and foreshore lands of Sydney Harbour, a unique natural and cultural asset
  2. Provision of amenity for inner-city communities
  3. Full disclosure, governance, community participation and equity
  4. Transit plan
  5. Green plan
  6. Heritage
  7. Urban design and housing
  8. Best use not past use

BaCC is facilitating a range of community-based rallies and discussions, and provide updates via our website / Facebook about the planning process on this site. Volunteers are urgently needed and welcome to become involved. Please register your interest on the ‘Get Involved’ page on this site

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